Workers’ Comp Services for New Orleans, LA

Pay-As-You-Go with Payroll Rx, LLC makes paying workers’ compensation insurance premiums convenient and efficient. Plus, without having to go through the trouble of calculating workers’ compensation premiums, you can avoid the risk of running into unanticipated, year-end audit adjustments due to inaccuracies. Basically, we take the guesswork out of the equation so you know what you are paying each payroll term, rather than relying on estimates, projections, and uncertainties.

Better Cash Flow Management

The Pay-As-You-Go service enables you to pay only what you owe, allowing you to make better use of your cash flow. The service requires no down payment, and you can see the workers’ compensation premiums side-by-side with the actual payroll. What’s more, Pay-As-You-Go is completely automated, so no more checks, monthly bills, or worrying about organizing receipts. Just save your confirmation information and go!

With this sort of certainty, you can avoid the big issue: year-end audit adjustments. This means no fines, no worries, and no headaches!

Administrative Benefits

Competitive Insurance Rates
Pay-As-You-Go with Payroll Rx, LLC is not only convenient; it’s comprehensive. You can offer your employees the top-of-the-line coverage without paying top prices. You can rest easy knowing that your employees are in good hands.

Innovative Products

We develop solutions with both employee and employer in mind, finding the coverage and the service to satisfy all your workers’ compensation needs.

Free Responsive Insurance Consultation

At our payroll service company, we offer consultation services with certified experts. We strive to have the answers to all your workers’ compensation questions. After all, it’s our goal to be strong medicine for payroll headaches!

24-Hour Toll-Free Number to Report Claims

Very rarely does life occur within normal operating hours. As such, we offer a 24-hour service so we can always be on your time. Now, you don’t have to wait until the following morning or until after the weekend. We are always here when you need us most.

We are proud to offer payroll accounting services to employers throughout Greater New Orleans area. Interested in our Louisiana payroll services? Contact us today for more information. (504) 520-8368