Time and Attendance Solutions for Businesses in New Orleans, LA

Payroll Rx, LLC assists business owners by handling timekeeping and payroll tasks. Let us take care of time tracking and paid-time-off / accruals with our easy-to-use online system while you focus on growing a successful business.

Online Timekeeping

If your business is still using punch stamp clocks or hand time sheets to log employee hours, you are missing out on the ease and simplicity of online timekeeping. Payroll Rx, LLC offers several options for employees to log their hours. They can manually use an electronic time device at the workplace (swipe card, finger reader, proximity badges, and more options), or they can log in to our secure web server and clock in and out on a desktop computer, laptop, iPhone / iPad, or Android device. Our system gives employees a simple way to clock hours while providing you with an accurate account of the time worked. It also allows you to view reports that can help keep an eye on your staff’s efficiency and GPS location.

Management Reporting

Payroll Rx, LLC, does more than just track time and attendance information. Our management reports distil hourly information and present it in accessible ways to give managers the tools they need to be more effective. Popular outputs include the following:

  • Time Worked Report
  • Approaching Overtime Report
  • Exception/Missed Punch Report
  • Attendance Summary
  • Job Tracking Report
  • Tardy and Absent Report
  • Vacation / Sick Time Usage Report

Benefits of Our Time and Attendance Solutions

Using Payroll Rx, LLC, for all your time and attendance solutions reduces the need for human effort in adding pay period hours and the opportunity for human error. Whether intentional or not, traditional time cards leave room for inaccurate reporting of hours and possible over or under payment of overtime. With our digital system, it is virtually impossible to falsify or mistakenly input times. In addition to helping management, our timekeeping tools allow employees to track their own hours to encourage self-sufficiency and accountability. Also, time and attendance functionality can be seamlessly integrated with our other services like scheduling and payroll and tax reporting, conveniently collating all the necessary information for you on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Quit worrying about all the payroll responsibilities and focus on the profitability and efficiency of your business. Call Payroll Rx, LLC, today.