Payroll Taxes in Louisiana

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Payroll Taxes

The Internal Revenue Service has laws, regulations and penalties that the business must respect.

Every employer has specific payroll responsibilities that are required by government agencies, (federal, state or local tax authorities). These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, withholding amounts from the employees’ compensation to cover federal and state income tax, Medicare, Social Security, and possibly garnishment or child support payments. PayrollRx, Louisiana’s full payroll solution provider can easily, and cost-effectively, handle all an employer’s needs in a secure and timely manner.

Reporting and depositing payroll taxes to the appropriate agency in an accurate and timely manner is not only important but essential for a business to avoid penalties, interest and audits. For a small to mid-size business, particularly a start-up, these complex payroll tax requirements may seem intimidating and hard to understand and apply. Outsourcing payroll management, which includes both payroll accounting and payroll administration, greatly reduces the responsibilities and stress that a business owner experiences.

Payroll accounting includes calculating the earnings of employees and the related withholdings for taxes and other deductions from gross pay. It also involves the timely filing of the appropriate tax forms, and ensuring that the correct amounts are paid to the designated agencies.

Distinct from the accounting aspect, payroll administration is comprised of the many managerial aspects of maintaining a payroll, such as compliance with federal, state and local tax and employment laws, and the management of personnel and payroll information.

PayrollRx can help alleviate these responsibilities from your staff. Employers must comply with a myriad of rules, regulations, procedures and deadlines set by the Internal Revenue Code. In addition to federal concerns, Louisiana, and the parishes and municipalities, have rigid requirements. PayrollRx has the experience to take of these such as computing an employee’s taxable wages, calculating the amount of various taxes to be withheld and paid by the employer, payment of the appropriate taxes, and filing the correct forms.

If an employer fails to comply with these requirements, the business may be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties. Our full service payroll solution will rid you of these concerns. With a staff of specialists dedicated to nothing but your needs, PayrollRx is able to guarantee timely filing and payment compliance. We also have many value-added services, including representing you with respect to any tax controversy or audit. Outsource these concerns to us, and get on with running your organization.

As PayrollRx is locally owned and operated in the Metairie/New Orleans area, we have an in-depth knowledge of Louisiana laws and the different taxing authorities. That knowledge along with our expertise in federal compliance, will give you personalized service and an unprecedented comfort level. With PayrollRx you get big company solutions at a cost-saving price. Outsource your payroll tax compliance to us, and leave your headaches behind.