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Louisiana’s Payroll Solutions

Why Turn to Our Payroll Solutions?

Every business understands the complex nature of payroll processes and their necessity to the function and success of their work. Employees count on management to provide timely and accurate pay, and we know that this can be an extremely time-consuming task. Businesses are now turning to Payroll Rx, LLC for full-service payroll solutions that are cost-effective and simple. By cutting time and costs, your business can be as efficient as possible.

We can work with your business, whether large or small, to streamline your payroll system. From payroll management services to payroll input options, we cover a wide range of payroll processes that are crucial to the function of your business. At Payroll Rx, LLC we provide big company payroll services at a lower cost to business’ in Metairie, New Orleans, and nearby areas in Louisiana. Payroll solutions cover a lot of ground and with the help of our payroll services we can cut crucial hours from your organization’s workload. To make the process even easier, we offer the advantage of processing payroll online, eliminating time-consuming paperwork. This leaves you time to focus on what’s important – the growth and success of your organization.

Upholding Payroll Laws & Regulations

Delving into the complex nature of federal, state, municipality, parish, and various district taxes is crucial to the payroll process. Successful and accurate payroll is impossible without a keen understanding of all applicable laws and regulations. This can weigh heavily on a business’ workload, which is why we step in and simplify the process. Our staff addresses all the fundamental rules, government regulations and forms, complex benefits taxation, and reporting.

Every operating organization must comply with obligations under federal and Louisiana wage and hour laws, which is why we offer an array of payroll solutions and tips for managing tax compliance. We are ready and able to handle all aspects of Louisiana payroll law and practice. At Payroll Rx, LLC, we can attend to the following:

  • State income taxes deducted from payroll checks
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Wage and hour laws
  • Child support enforcement

Full-service Payroll

It may seem simple – write checks every month and you’re done. While this would be an easy solution to payroll, it’s not the case. Thorough payroll involves a full line of integral steps that give way to a successful payroll approach. At Payroll Rx, LLC, we make sure each step is completed with accuracy and a keen attention to detail. Our specialized and expertly trained staff understand the inter-workings of full-service payroll and take appropriate measures to ensure your organization runs smoothly. This involves the following steps:

  • Setting up the payroll system correctly
  • Accurately calculating the number of hours worked
  • Determining the employee’s regular rate of pay, as well as over-time, if applicable
  • Calculating and making the proper deductions from wages
  • Getting the wages into employees’ hands or accounts
  • Paying, in a compliant manner, employees who leave the firm’s business

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With the undeniable necessity of appropriate and accurate payroll processes, your business can trust Payroll Rx, LLC to provide just that. As a leading locally owned and operated provider in Louisiana, payroll solutions from Payroll Rx, LLC will bring your business the thorough payroll processes it needs. Relying on our knowledge of Louisiana payroll law and practice, we can reduce your workload and support the success of your business. We invite potential customers to fill out our form on the right side of this page to get personalized information about how we can save you from your next payroll headache.