If you are currently using a payroll service, you are already ahead of those doing payroll in-house or with a firm, but are your getting enough value? The differences between outsourcing companies like Payroll Rx come by way of technology available, customer service, and cost.

Our technology surpasses the other payroll service providers and we are getting better all the time! We are constantly advancing our technology – check our website often, you will Payroll Rx evolve in even better ways as we continue to add services, demonstration videos, and tools to make your business run smoother.

Our Service

Ever forget about a new hire and need a pay check NOW? It happens, we know that, when it does, simply call us! You’ll have 3 options. We can direct deposit for that employee within 2 days. We can give you the net figure to pay the employee on the spot (you can write the check on-site). Or, we can write the check and deliver same or next day. It’s that easy.

Also, all of our clients are assigned to a designated payroll processor. You will get to know each other well. No more explaining your preferences to a different customer service rep each pay period, or hold on the phone for 20 minutes. We are here to help you. Give us a call 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday, we guarantee you’ll get a human on the phone, first try, every time.

Technical Support

If you’re using our web-based products and forgot how to find a report or you have an employee with a special circumstance – we’re here to help. Within seconds, we can view your desktop and show you what needs to be done. We will also conduct FREE training on our payroll applications for anyone within your organization. This helps you get more efficient with our web-based products and learn new ways to get real information to manage employees, handle audits, and provide data to your accountant. Our on-line products aren’t just to make payroll efficient, we want those products to help you manage your labor costs!


We want our pricing to be the best value in the marketplace. We constantly shop our competition nation-wide and locally to know what our competitors are offering and to make sure Payroll Rx has the most competitive and cost effective fee structure.

If you want better service, better technology, and better pricing, call now and see. At Payroll Rx, we are the better way.