Online Payroll Reporting in New Orleans, LA

Consider Payroll Rx, LLC, if you’re looking for a comprehensive, user-friendly payroll and time management system for your business.

Payroll Reporting

Online payroll reporting has benefits for both employers and employees. With our online payroll system, employee checks and statements are available in the system as soon as your payroll is processed. This service is fast and easy to use. Simply visit the secure website and enter your dedicated ID code and password. From there, you will be able to access, download, and print all available payroll reports and pay stubs.

Our online payroll maintenance also offers a paper-free way to integrate new data when needed. Adding new employees, making demographic changes, and other updates can be made at the push of the button and can be fully approved before implementation.

With this streamlined process, you’ll no longer be struggling with the mountains of paperwork associated with a traditional payroll system. Our on-boarding process allows you to assign access instantly to new hires as well.

Preparing required federal and state forms for unemployment, tax reconciliation, and other matters can be complicated. Our system can easily handle 941 quarterly forms, 940 federal unemployment forms, state unemployment forms, and other required forms with ease. You will not do any preparation, just access the reports online and view what we have filed on your behalf.

Employee Services

Our online payroll reporting system also includes robust services for employees, allowing intuitive access to the information they need on their W-2’s, pie charts of their full compensation package, or old pay stubs required for personal loans.

Direct deposit helps employees save time by eliminating the need to visit the bank and deposit a paper check. Also, employees can split a check into multiple direct deposit accounts, offering employees a simple solution for budgeting and saving.

Benefits administration is also available through our online system, allowing employees to enroll in health insurance and other benefits without the complications of a paper system. When a court ordered wage garnishment is required, our user interface is designed to provide accurate calculations of payment and automatic submission to the correct agencies.

With integrated time and attendance services, it’s easier than ever for employees to track their time accurately, request paid time off, and view paid time off that has been accumulated, approved, or denied.

Tax Services

Processing taxes correctly is often one of the biggest pain points for a small business. With the integrated tax services in Payroll Rx’s online reporting system, you can ensure that taxes will be filed promptly, correctly, and under appropriate state and federal regulations. Our system automatically determines any tax credits to which you’re entitled. If you do receive tax notices from the IRS or State Departments, Payroll Rx can manage the response to these notices for you. In addition, you’ll be notified of all tax payments and filings to local, state, and federal authorities.