Payroll New Employee On-Boarding

Automate your hiring process from paperwork to payroll.

Tired of hunting for lost forms, spending money on mailing services and printing costs, securing employee information? Our effortless On-boarding solution uses a secure website that employees use to complete their new hire paperwork. They are directed through an online logic based Q&A interview designed to capture all the data you need when hiring an employee. This logic driven process ensures the employee completes all necessary forms and only prompts the employee to enter their information once. In addition to completing standard withholding and I9 information, they will also be able to view and acknowledge your company policies. Our unique eSigning process ensures all forms display the employee’s signature where required.

Hiring managers and Administrators can access an employee’s documents at any time through a secure website. Easy to use dashboards display each employee’s progress throughout the process. Quickly identify where follow up is needed and which new hires are ready to be submitted to our payroll system. Easily manage user access from managers to employees.