Doing payroll yourself is not unusual. In fact, many of our current clients were doing their own payroll before they found us or we found them!

Its likely you use Quickbooks, MAS90, Great Plains, or some other software. All of those products work great for accounting purposes but none are built to handle all the tiny tasks of payroll. Especially those that burn up your time. Our software is built for payroll, timekeeping, tax payments and reporting, as well as ACA compliance.

Please take a minute and review the differences below. We think you’ll find our service can and will save you lots of time (and money!) so you can focus on tasks that add value to your business!

Why not work a little smarter? Give us a call to start right away!

Tasks to Manage Doing Payroll Yourself (IN-HOUSE)

• One Time Task – Buy Software
• Then – EVERY Pay Date You Must:

1. Collect time keeping data – make edits – perform calculations
2. Input time keeping data
3. “Run Checks”
4. Fix printer jams, add paper
5. Pay for check stock
6. Sign Checks
7. Remember to log into direct deposit portal from bank (additional fees incurred)
8. Key in net pay data, add new employee data, import data
9. Stuff envelopes
10. Hand out paychecks/paystubs
11. Make accounting entry
12. Remember to pay payroll taxes
13. Take 8109 coupon to bank or log into EFTPS or bank portal (extra fees here too)
14. Risk failing to remember and get payroll tax penalty notices
15. Live with no guarantee of timely and accurate payroll tax payments and quarterly filings!

• 4 Times Per Year – You Must:

1. Remember to prepare quarterly payroll tax reports
2. Prepare quarterly payroll tax reports, read instructions, etc….
3. Sign Payroll Tax Reports
4. Remember to mail payroll tax reports
5. Find state report forms to file – where did they go?

• Annually You Must:

1. Order, travel to get, W2 forms
2. Reconcile your payroll to agree to all form 941’s
3. Add other pay items needed for W2’s
4. Print W2’s, fix print jams, load paper
5. Stuff envelopes
6. Set up electronic filing with SSA
7. Remember to file W2’s/W3’s by mail or via SSA
8. Pay for tax tables (or license fees for payroll module) every year (minimum of $200/year)

FYI – To offer 10 employees direct deposit on your own (For example a bi-weekly pay period) costs $250 to $500 in annual bank fees alone!

Tasks to Manage Doing Payroll With Payroll Rx

• No software to buy – EVER!
• Then – EVERY Pay Date You Must:

1. Submit timekeeping or payroll data to Payroll Rx via phone, fax, email, or our web portal. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you.
2. Hand out paychecks/paystubs – they arrive signed, stuffed, sealed, ready to go. If you are using employee self service, this step is eliminated for those employees using direct deposit. They just login to view or print their pay stub.
3. Make accounting entry – which we provide, customized to your chart of accounts – takes 60 seconds.
4. Done!

4 Times Per Year – You Must Do:

2. We file for you on your behalf – NOTHING to remember or do – simply file the copies of what we filed for you!
3. Nothing to sign!
4. Done as done gets!

• Annually You Must:

1. Hand out W2’s – they arrive stuffed/sealed, ready to go!
2. If using employee self service, eliminate this step too!