Human Resource Management System in Metairie, LA

Payroll Rx, LLC can help you streamline your HR services. It’s our goal to ensure that your employees have all the tools they need to be successful and focus on the job at hand. With our comprehensive human resource management systems and digital services, you can easily access reports and track employee information through secure, seamless platforms.

Human Resource Management System

Our Human Resource Management System allows you to safely track and store all employee details and credentials with confidence. At Payroll Rx, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to keep track of important details about your employees so that your business can operate legally and function efficiently.

From basic details like emergency contacts and driver’s license information to reporting for certifications, education levels, and performance reviews, we make it easy to create employee profiles and keep track of important milestones or training requirements. The system will even let you know when certificates expire or upcoming tests are required. Other information that can be stored in the system includes military service, security clearance levels, work visas, and any company property loaned out to the employee.

HR Support Center

State and federal employment laws and requirements can change frequently, and it’s important for business owners to stay informed. At Payroll Rx, we make it easy for you to stay up-to-date with all legal requirements and keep your employees informed using our HR Support Center. Through the HR Support Center platform, employers are provided with online access to pre-written HR forms, job descriptions, employee handbooks, and all required paperwork. In addition to these essentials, you can access helpful tools like a question and answer database, a glossary of HR terms, and relevant news and articles. You can even customize documents to develop a handbook and library to meet your specific business needs.

Our comprehensive HR Support Center also offers access to:

  • State and federal laws
  • Hiring and terminations
  • Company policies
  • Performance management
  • Access to an HR professional

HR On-Demand

We understand that some tough employee questions are better tackled by a trained HR professional. When you subscribe to HR On-Demand, you will have an HR professional available when you need it most, without the need to hire a full-time HR manager in-house. Whether you require assistance with the hiring process and terminations or your company is confronted with harassment or discrimination charges, our professionals can offer unlimited personalized consulting. Even if you just have questions about FMLA or general HR policies, our specialists are here to help. The HR On-Demand services are available over the phone or email to handle all of these tough HR challenges and ensure that your business can continue to grow and your employees have the support they need.

About Payroll Rx

At Payroll Rx, we are committed to finding innovative solutions for your HR and payroll needs. Our extensive selection of services offers cost-effective business tools to fulfill your payroll, employment, and legal requirements without the need for a full-time HR professional on staff. We will work with you to create a customized system according to your professional goals. Contact us today for a free quote.